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$501.00 Per Token

Villa Conche Del Mar LLC

33301 PCH, Malibu, CA 90265

Lot/Land 2.44 Acres

Estimated Appraised Value $

Token Details:

Max # of Tokens - 8000

Reserve # of Tokens -6,500

Closing Date - (TBD)

Site Exploratory Services, Reports, Engineering, Design Drawings, + Government Approvals

  1. Archaeological investigation report, review, and approval

  2. Topographical survey, color-coded slope analysis

  3. LCP code slope analysis for Hillside Ordinance

  4. Initial subsurface exploration for geology, soils sampling, and percolation testing

  5. Permit history analysis and preparation of exhibits

  6. Initial soils engineering report with stability analysis

  7. Engineering geologic study

  8. Preliminary civil plan (for 3 building locations)

  9. Architectural schematic design (for 3 locations)

  10. Soils engineering update report

  11. Geologic update report

  12. Preliminary on-site treatment system design report

  13. Initial planning submittal - City of Malibu

  14. Fuel Modification plan, L.A. County Forestry review, and approval

  15. Water main infrastructure contract

  16. Fire Flow Certification / Will-Serve Letter from Water District

  17. Landscape and water conservation plans

  18. L.A. County Fire Prevention Bureau plans and review

  19. Plan check expediting / permit processing

  20. Public Works project review

  21. Biological impact assessment report, submittal, and review


This property token collection will provide the opportunity for one individual to acquire Villa Conche Del Mar LLC via NFT drop (only for Villa Conche Del Mar LLC Token holders). This LLC retains the title and deed to 33301 PCH, Malibu, CA, and additional items listed below. Located along Pacific Coast Highway in West Malibu with views of the coastal necklace, rub elbows with celebrities on private beaches with gated access. The property is 2.44 acres and the home plans take advantage of the 140 feet elevation to allow the homeowner to experience stunning sunsets and ocean views.  This property is one of the very few lots remaining this close to the ocean in Malibu. Tremendous Opportunity!

The Villa Conche Del Mar LLC Token can be exchanged for Sync Estates Coin after the Villa Conche Del Mar LLC NFTs are dropped. Part of all property token profits are added to Sync Estates Coin liquidity.

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