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Sync City Kiosks

Sync City engineers, builds, designs, installs and maintains custom indoor/outdoor kiosk solutions for private entities and cities. Sync City also provides custom content management software (CMS), wayfinding, and content development.

Sync City understands that no two clients are identical. Even within the same organization styles change based on the project, location, or other factors. We work with our clients to determine the best look, feel, technology, and support program for specific needs. Whether you need electric vehicle charging, security, and/or a Wi-Fi solution Sync City can ensure your needs are met. Our custom Smart Kiosk design process allows us to work with internal stakeholders to determine the best look and feel for the kiosk. We ensure the design remains ADA compliant while meeting the aesthetic choices of our clients.

  • Customizable Indoor/Outdoor Kiosk Design + Engineering

  • Touchscreen Interface to Access City or Property Services, Directions, + Messaging

  • Touchless Covid Friendly Kiosk Directory/Wayfinding + Messaging 

  • Digital Advertising Platform with Exclusive CMS

  • Retail Analytics + LVL1 Advanced Analytics Suite 

  • Emergency Alert Messaging and 911 Emergency Assistance

  • Street Level Wi-Fi Internet Access

  • Remote + In-Person Kiosk Support

  • Kiosk Content Development

Building Your Kiosk

Sync City's streamlined kiosk building process helps you and your team achieve your kiosk goals. Let us know what you want to achieve and let us build it for you.



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