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Wireless Infrared Forehead Body Temperature Camera Access Control System Kiosk With Face Recognition Camera

Sync City is proud to offer a new product designed to help keep your staff and customers safe in this time of uncertainty.  The Sync Scan allows you to monitor temperatures of people entering or exiting a location.  This is the first line of defense against many viruses and illnesses. Our technology utilizes cutting-edge hardware and software to provide instant and accurate results.  This allows you to effortlessly check the temperature of guests and employees to determine if they are possibly unwell. 

Why Use A Thermal Kiosk Scanner?

Sync Scan is a turnkey hardware and software solution for effortless guest and employee temperature wellness checks. Employees and guests can be added to the facial recognition database for fast facial recognition and monitoring.

Sync Scan is a popular hands-free low-cost device for COVID-19 wellness checks in high-traffic buildings. The kiosk allows staff to maintain a six-foot distance while checking in guests and staff. Open your business with less stress and more confidence with a Sync City temperature scan kiosk. 


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