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Wireless Infrared Forehead Body Temperature

Camera Access Control System Kiosk

With Face Recognition Camera 

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Image by Daniel Falcao


Sync City is proud to offer a new product designed to help keep your staff and customers safe in this time of uncertainty.  The Sync Scan allows you to monitor temperatures of people entering or exiting a location.  This is the first line of defense against many viruses and illnesses.


Our technology utilizes cutting edge hardware and software to provide instant and accurate results.  This allows you to effortlessly check the temperature of guests and employees to determine if they are possibly unwell. 

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Sync Scan is a turnkey hardware and software solution for effortless guest and employee temperature checks. Using this information you can allow or deny access to the person being scanned.  Additionally, employees or frequent users can be added to the facial recognition database for fast facial recognition and monitoring.


•8 Inch IPS Full-View LCD Display

•Waterproof & Dustproof for Stability

•Accurate Face Recognition (99.7%) in Under a Second Even When Wearing a Mask

•Human Body Temperature Detection in a Few Seconds at 0.5 Meters with ≤ ±0.5°C Error Rate

•Automatic Light & Audible Alarm for Body Temperature Abnormality (Can be Disabled)

•Temperature Measurement Data is Exported in Real-Time & Can Be Remotely Monitored on a Private Server or Cloud.

•Expansion Support for ID Card Readers, Fingerprint Readers, Two-Dimensional Code Reader, & More.

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Remotely Manage Multiple Kiosks:

  • Add Faces/Pictures to The Facial Recognition Library

  • Check to See That All Employees & Students Have Checked-In 

  • Change Settings on All Devices

SMS & Email Alerts:

  • When a High Temperature is Detected


  • Personal Face Upload On Personal Cell Phone

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Image by Daniel Falcao


Image by Daniel Falcao


Image by Daniel Falcao


Sync City provides service, support, and warranty. From supporting AV integration companies to managing content across digital assets nationwide, Sync City has the team to execute.


Sync City can ensure that every Sync Scan kiosk is up and running 24/7. With remote support capabilities, our team can monitor connectivity, power, or other potential issues and address them before they become a problem.  If an issue arises, we have access to  21,000+ on-site support technicians which can be deployed immediately. This usually will happen within an hour of our remote staff identifying a potential problem. 


Sync City can install each Sync Scan kiosk during overnight installations, or daytime if site permits, and even assist with electrical installation, fiber installation, and concrete work.


  • Remote Training

  • Onsite Training

  • Remote Kiosk Support

  • All On-Site Service

  • Installation of Kiosk

  • Content Management

  • Content Development

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CDC-Recommended Disinfectant Solutions Safe for Screens + Kiosk Frame

  • Household Bleach Solution (1/3 Cup of Bleach Per Gallon of Water)

  • Isopropyl Alcohol (≤ 70% Alcohol)

Disinfecting Your Kiosk


  1. To prepare for disinfecting the touchscreen, power down the device (if possible) or ensure your on-screen software can tolerate false touches while you clean.

  2. Dampen a new clean, non-abrasive cloth (microfiber is great) with a disinfectant listed above. Ensure excess liquid is squeezed from the cloth. 

  3. Disinfect the surfaces by wiping them with the cloth, and allow the surface to dry.


Sync City engineers, builds, designs, installs and maintains custom kiosk solutions for private entities and cities. Installations include kiosk hardware, software, and any customized services.


Sync City Solutions:


•Customizable Kiosk Design

•Touchscreen Interface to Access City or Property Services, Directions and Mess


•Digital Advertising Platform

•Custom CMS & Wayfinding


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Image by Daniel Falcao
Image by Daniel Falcao