Sync city is a women-owned comprehensive smart cities/ smart communities company. More specifically we are a kiosk advertising, analytics, support, software, and hardware company. We strive to revolutionize Out of Home advertising in the age of data and analytics by building user-friendly, street tech and software. We have found that our passion for technology translates to advertisers and their targeted pedestrians.

For kiosk hardware and software service, support, and content management Sync City LLC has a partnership with LVL1 LLC (experts in service, support, and content management). Together these companies provide a turnkey, smart advertising kiosk solution for Retail/Shopping Centers, Live/Work/Play Developments, Real Estate Developments, Corporate Campuses, Transit, Municipal Governments, Stadiums, Venus...​​​

Our Mission: Serving People

Sync City will Connect and Strengthen your Community

A connected city unites and strengthens a community. Our technology encourages communities to engage and connect with each other, cities to unite with their businesses, neighborhoods, and economies to flourish with growth and opportunity.


Sync City creates an engaging community of connected hubs that inform and inspire people within the places they live. We believe in the untethered flow of information for everyone. Free access to the Internet and a connected community is a blossoming and promising city. Sync City innovation and technology unifies a community to be stronger, happier, educated and always connected.


With advances in technology, it is easy to forget its’ primary purpose, serving the people. Sync City is simple, intuitive, forward-thinking technology meant to simplify communications, public services, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Sync City manufactures custom smart advertising kiosks.