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About Sync Estates

The concept behind Sync Estates, a division of Sync City, was conceived in the spring of 2022 just as we began to emerge from the locked phase of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Our co-founders came together with the sole purpose of developing a collective portfolio of products and services targeted at disrupting the multi-billion dollar traditional US real estate industry. 


Our Sync Estates team has been developing innovative Web3 concepts that will allow most individuals and entities to conduct real estate transactions for land, residential, and commercial properties via our exclusive online blockchain marketplace. The Sync Estates marketplace allows buyers and sellers to transact peer to peer on a secure blockchain platform without many of the traditional intermediaries. The marketplace provides greater speed, liquidity, transparency, and security, all while reducing document fraud issues and fees generally associated with real estate transactions. By leveraging our team's blockchain, Web3, and NFT knowledge plus experience in these emerging technologies we built a cost-effective real estate marketplace verified by the blockchain.


We invite you to join our growing community of forward thinkers by utilizing our innovative blockchain real estate marketplace. Save time, money, and the ability to buy, sell or unlock a portion of the equity in Sync Estate properties.    

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