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New Sync Scan Software

LAS VEGAS Nev. (August 20, 2020)— Sync City builds American software for popular body temperature scanning kiosks. Sync City clients requested best in class software features for their Sync Scan Thermal Body Temperature Kiosks, so the Sync City team began re-building the Android Package Kit (APK) from the ground up.

Now Sync City clients have real-time temperature scans in their Sync City Sync Scan portal. Clients can choose from both cloud and private server (on-prem) versions of the software. Temperature scan check-in reports and high-temperature text/email alerts are n

ew features busy schools and office buildings now require on a day-to-day basis. The new bulk upload functionality makes adding a long list of staff and users to the facial recognition database quick and easy. If a new profile image is needed a simple click of a box will ping a user's phone requesting a fresh selfie. The new selfie is then automatically added to the database. When new software is available a ‘software update’ button appears next to each device. Multiple user accounts are included with the new software and kiosk settings can be adjusted by each user in the Sync City Sync Scan portal.

Sync City LLC is a Minnesota women-owned smart communities digital kiosk hardware, software, support, and analytics company. Sync City’s digital kiosk product provides wayfinding, communication, and advertising for Retail/Shopping Centers, Live/Work/Play Developments, Real Estate Developments, Corporate Campuses, Transit, Municipal Governments, and Stadiums. Sync City strives to revolutionize out of home advertising in the age of data and analytics by building user-friendly, street and indoor tech as well as interactive software. For more information, please visit

For digital kiosk service, support, and content management Sync City LLC has a partnership with LVL1 LLC (experts in service, support, and content management). LVL1 supports both hardware and software for Sync City. For more information, please visit

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