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Sync City/LVL1 Partnership

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Sync City LLC (Minneapolis, MN) and LVL1 LLC (Minneapolis, MN) partnered to build smart cities of the future. The two tech/manufacturing companies have synchronized to provide free smart advertising street furniture, the cornerstone of smart cities. Sync manufactures the kiosks and facilitates the advertising. LVL1 (along with Suspect Technologies) created the Analytic Engine and Advanced Analytic Suite for Sync City's smart city analytics and big data needs. LVL1 also provides warranty, service, support, and consulting for Minneapolis's women-owned smart street tech company.

This is only the beginning for Sync and LVL1. LVL1 and it's MIT camera technologist partner company already announced a new person of interest product with over 99% accuracy, as requested by Sync's clientele. Deployments are scheduled for this fall and next year.

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