1) KN 95 Masks - Particulate Respirator Face Mask. FDA Certification & CDC Approved. We can produce 500,000 - 1,000,000/week.


2) Medical-Surgical Masks (Sterile Level) - FDA Certification. We can produce 300,000/week. 

3) Forehead Non-contact Infrared Thermometer -  Our partners overseas in China, and all businesses, will be required to use these units to be allowed to re-open their doors and prevent the future spread of COVID-19.

4) Medical Disposable Protective Clothing - Provides barrier and protection for blood, bodily fluids, etc. of potentially infectious patients. FDA Certification. We can produce 500,000/week.

6) Temperature Reading Screen Kiosks (Non-Contact) - Can measure multiple people quickly and accurately.

  • We can email a document with basic information for your review.

  • We can ship out these units immediately from our overseas locations in quantity.

  • Please reach out if you have any questions ( We look forward to helping you prevent the spread of disease.

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Sync City brings together the latest technology and designs to create an eye-catching smart kiosk that is both educational and an advertising platform. From Vegas hot to Minneapolis cold, Sync builds both indoor and outdoor rated kiosk.


Whether a city, mall, campus, or other venues Sync City creates an engaging community of connected hubs that inform and inspire people in the places they live, work, and/or play. We believe in the untethered flow of information for everyone. Sync City innovation and technology unifies a community to be stronger, happier, educated and always connected.