Sync City Custom Kiosks

Base Design

  1. Wi-Fi hotspot capable.

  2. LED alerting for emergencies or other use.

  3. Single, Double, or Multiple Touch Screen designed for indoor or outdoor use all ADA


  4. Wayfinding, interactivity, and advertising capabilities available on every screen.

  5. Emergency Services button or other interactivity.

  6. USB device charging available.

  7. Single-Sided, Dual Sided, 4 Screen Free Standing, or Wall Mountable Customizable ADA

    Compliant Design.

  8. Distributed audio for advertising, paging, and background music.

  9. Detailed analytics through facial recognition and demographic as well as device recognition

    on every kiosk.

Pedestrian Counts


Air Quality Sensors

Noise Level Sensors

Weather Stations

Anti-Loitering Software

Emergency Messaging

Weather Alerts

Amber Alerts