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Susan G Komen, Philadelphia Utilizing Sync City’s Sync Scan Body Temperature Kiosk

Philadelphia, PA (June 12, 2020)—Elaine Grobman, CEO of Susan G Komen Philadelphia, walks up to her office’s reception desk and pauses for a few seconds in front of a tablet-sized kiosk screen to hear her body t

emperature called out to her, green lights flashing to indicate a normal temperatur

e. She is testing out her office’s new Sync Scan, a contactless temperature scanning kiosk. Sync City just released Sync Scan; an entirely new kiosk product line designed for businesses in need of frequent contactless temperature checks. In light of Covid-19, Grobman wanted contactless wellness checks for the non-profit’s staff and visitors.

Next, Elaine Grobman had Sync City Co-Founder Tom Bove add Grobman’s face to the facial recognition database. Bov

e explained that the Sync Scan can identify Grobman even when she is wearing a mask.

With just an eight-inch ISP full-view LCD display screen, Sync Scan can check-in employees and guests at reception for hospitals (FDA approved), hotels, gyms, schools, business offices, and more. For larger entries (grocery stores, retail, school, work, entertainment venues), Sync Scan can be attached to a podium floor stand. Audible and LED light cues notify the users of body temperature and can even politely remind guests to wear a mask. Staff can rec

eive SMS or email alerts if a fever is detected.

Each person scanned at the Philadelphia Komen office will have their picture and temperature time-stamped and stored in a database. All data can be stored on a cloud server or locally, on a preferred private server, and then accessed remotely in real-time.

ID Card Reading Sync Scan Kiosks are also available. Fingerprint, two-dimensional code readers, existing clock in and clock out systems, and more can also be added to the access control kiosk.

Grobman is having the text and email alerts set up for when high temperatures are detected in the office. She went on to explain that she may not need to utilize all the features and that the temperature kiosk is an effortless safeguard and only one line of defense for her and her staff at the office in the midst of a pandemic.

Nationwide, Komen will drastically reduce the current number of breast cancer deaths by 50% by 2026. Here at home, Komen Philadelphia focuses on reducing the number of late-stage breast cancer diagnoses in our community while continuing to provide the education, resources, access to services, survivor support, and research funding that have grown the size of

the local survivor family over the past 25 years. For more information, please visit

Sync City LLC is a Minnesota women-owned smart communities digital kiosk hardware, software, support, and analytics company. Sync City’s digital kiosk product provides wayfinding, communication, and advertising for Retail/Shopping Centers, Live/Work/Play Developments, Real Estate Developments, Corporate Campuses, Transit, Municipal Governments, and Stadiums. Sync City strives to revolutionize out of home advertising in the age of data and analytics by building user-friendly, street and indoor tech as well as interactive software. For more information, please visit

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