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LVL1, Sync City, & Suspect Tech Facial Recognition Integration w/ 22 Miles CMS for Dallas Mavericks

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

LVL1, Sync City, 22 Miles & Suspect Tech came together to build Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavs person of interest triggered messaging on a TV screen in the Mav's newly renovated locker room. Sync City brought together Suspect Tech who built the facial recognition/person of interest software, 22 Miles who built the CMS, & LVL1 who built the hardware solution.

Here is how it works. With one LVL1 Analytic Engine, The Suspect Tech facial recognition software instantly identifies a basketball player when they walk into the locker room. Next, the 22 Miles CMS is triggered within seconds to send a personalized message to the exact basketball player. The messages appear on a TV to the right of the players just inside the new smart locker room door.

What is the point and what kind of personal messaging do you ask? So these superstar basketball players have extremely busy schedules which are constantly changing. The instant personal messaging helps the Mav's staff easily push out schedule changes on the fly to the locker room facial rec screen.

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