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Kevin Vangritis

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Interim CFO


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Interim CTO


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Kevin Vangritis

Mr. Vangritis brings more than 20 years of business expertise to Sync Estates. He has worked at several start-ups and served on advisory boards for blockchains companies where he has been instrumental in the development of new technologies and conducting capital raises while leading initiatives to improve sales, organizational processes, and efficiencies. He has the drive, know-how, and determination for developing and executing winning strategies to achieve business growth while delivering an exceptional customer experience. His unique strategic and collaborative abilities to interact with individuals at every level of an organization enable him to understand and lead his team in delivering effective solutions that ensure their clients will achieve their objectives. Kevin will leverage his operations knowledge, skills, abilities, and passion to lead the organization and help build Sync Estates into the recognized leader in the field of tokenized real estate.

Kevin and his beautiful wife, Jenney, currently reside in Wilmington, NC. They are avid stand-up paddleboarders that love to frequent Hawaii. When not hard at work, you may find them on the North Shore of one of the Hawaiian Islands. Kevin is an experienced waterman that shares a true connection to the ocean. His passion for the water and this sport can be seen in his endless pursuit to share it with all who have the desire to learn.

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