Sync City Builds Custom Kiosks

Sync City understands that no two clients are identical. Even within the same organization styles change based on the project, location, or other factors. That is why we work with our clients to determine the best look and feel, technology, and support program for their specific needs. Whether you need an electric vehicle charging, security, or Wi-Fi solution Sync City can ensure your needs are met.

Our custom Smart Kiosk design process allows us to work with internal stakeholders to determine the best look and feel for the kiosk. We ensure the design remains ADA compliant while meeting the aesthetic choices of our clients.

 Starting with our standard design, Sync City can change the bottom panels from wood to stone or other materials to reflect your location’s style. Next, our top cap can be six inches to eighteen inches in height to allow for communications equipment or other devices as needed. Additionally, the LED lights can be programmed to reflect your style. Lastly, the metal housing and color can be changed to ensure the look and feel our clients want.


We understand all of our clients are unique. Why should you have to settle for a standard kiosk?